Alberto Testoni

I am a 3rd year Ph.D. student at the ICT International Doctoral School (University of Trento), working under the supervision of Raffaella Bernardi. I am currently a Research Scientist Intern at Amazon Alexa AI in Berlin (Natural Language Understanding). I obtained an M.Sc. in Cognitive Science from CIMeC-UniTN (Center for Mind/Brain Sciences) and I hold a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Bologna. My work lies at the intersection between different fields, such as Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Cognitive Science; in particular, my research focuses on training Deep Neural Networks from multi-modal data (language, vision and sound). Check out my full list of publications and feel free to get in touch!


  • June 2022: New paper accepted at IJCOL!
  • June 2022: New paper accepted at INLG 2022!
  • April 2022: I started an internship at Amazon Alexa AI in Berlin.
  • January 2022: New paper out in Frontiers in Big Data!
  • August 2021: Check our new EMNLP 2021 paper!
  • July 2021: Check our new ACL-SRW and SpLU-RoboNLP papers!
  • March 2021: We got a Special Mention @ CLIC-it!
  • January 2021: Paper acceapted at EACL2021!
  • September 2020: Check out our latest publications (ALVR, SpLU, AI*IA, CLIC-it).
  • September 2019: I started my Ph.D.
  • July 2019: I got my Ms.C. in Cognitive Science.
  • July 2019: one paper accepted at SemDial2019.
  • February 2019: one paper accepted at CMCL2019 co-located with NAACL.